Maurizio Poloni

Your passport to becoming a gelato chef

3-week course from Monday to Friday consisting of theoretical and practical lessons held at Artico School. Dedicated to aspiring Gelato Chefs who will acquire the practical skills and theoretical knowledge they need to create their own recipes.

  • Corso Professionale II
  • Corso Professionale
€ 2.400 VAT excluded
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A It's a complete, all-round course, aimed at everyone who wants to learn the gelato trade by acquiring all the technical and practical skills which will enable you to open and manage your own gelateria or to work in the world of gelato.

Gruppo Artico



  • What is meant by Traditional Italian Gelato
  • The raw materials and ingredients which make up ice cream, the basic concepts of the productor sector
  • How to make gelato - gelato chemistry and physics
  • Study of the production cycle
  • Principles of balancing and balancing tecnique of:
  • milk-based gelati
  • chocolate gelato
  • friut sorbets
  • Blending concepts
  • Study of sugars
  • Natural stabilizers
  • Setting up the laboratory
  • Display and storage of gelato

Practical tests:

  • Formulation and production of fruit sorbets
  • Formulation and production of dark chocolate gelato without milk and milk proteins
  • Study and creation of the basic mixture

  • In-depth study of ice-cream balancing tecniques
  • Theory applied to recipes
  • Analysis and study of some recipes
  • Recipe and production of:
  • milk-based and egg-based gelati
  • chocolate milk-based gelati
  • flavoured chocolate gelati
  • fruit sorbets
  • recipe and production of sauces,natural fruit, compôtes and dried fruit crisps

Counter Sales Tecniques:

  • Approach to preparing ice cream cones, cups and take-away tubs
  • Special attention to the correct weight/price ratio of gelato sales
  • Customer Relations and Relationship
  • Control of possible critical issues


  • Warehouse control
  • Correct scheduling of orders for both production and sales of gelato

  • Studying more complex recipes
  • Studying and balancing artisanal slushies
  • Recipe and production of gelati with special and alcoholic flavours
  • Recipe and production of gelati  with special and alcoholic flavours
  • Creation of tastes linked to the regions the course participants come from


  • Implementation study with set-up of machinery and equipment
  • Laboratory management and production organization
  • Importance of marketing and communication

Sales tecniques
with practical tests - cones,cups and tubs


In addition, with the additional modules which you can book at the beginning of the course:

  • You’ll receive all the information on how to set up your laboratory and shop and how to work in compliance with all health and hygiene regulations
  • You’ll learn counter sales techniques with the approach to preparing cones, cups and take-away tubs and
  • how to manage customer relations and deal with critical issues.

Industry HACCP course with certificate
total hours 4 (with additional Covid-19 protocol): €80 to €120 in the classroom

Counter Sales and Store Management course:
Total 4 hours practice in area/ice-cream parlour in school.

Course on setting up my ice-cream parlour:
Total 4 hours practice in area/ice-cream parlour in school: €100 + VAT per day

  • Artico School Gelato Manual
  • Artico branded work apron
  • Artico branded bag
  • Certificate of Participation

N.B. The price of registration includes all the material necessary for the lessons. The state-of-the-art laboratory is equipped with all the equipment you can find in a normal ice-cream parlour.

  • Total Cost of the course: €2.4000 + VAT
  • Down Payment: € 400 +VAT on registration
  • Balance: € 2.000 + VAT by the beginning of the third week of the course

* Enrolments shall only be considered finalised after payment of the course fee/payment in accordance with the stipulated payment methods.


In 1980, he began his adventure in the world of gelato making and together with his father-in-law, himself a master gelato maker, he took over a premises in Novate Milanese which is still home to the family's historic gelateria. At the same time, he ran a gelateria in Cormano for over five years and in 2012, with a group of friends and partners, he set up Artico, where he initially dealt directly with production, while today he leads the production staff and deals with the technical and evolutionary research on gelato. "My adventure in the world of gelato began more than thirty years ago and from the very beginning I understood that this was a passion, the same passion which still guides my choices today in creating true Italian-style gelato, both traditional and contemporary at the same time." Born in 1955, he is a gelato artisan, as his identity card states. Through experimentation, and without ever forgetting the tradition of true Italian- style gelato he learned at the hands of the great gelato masters of the 1980s, Maurizio has come to be recognised as one of the best gelato makers in the country. "I have travelled through and experienced the transformation which the world of gelato has undergone in the last 35 years and so, thanks to all the people who have believed in me and in my professionalism, Gelateria Artico in Milan, my pride and joy, was born in 2012."

The Teacher

MARCH Edition - Professional Course – Total Hours 75
Course start: 14 March – Course end: 1 April
From 9am to 2pm

APRIL Edition - Professional Course – Total Hours 75
Course start: 11 April – Course end: 29 April
From 9am to 2pm

MAY Edition - Professional Course – Total Hours 75
Course start: 9 May – Course end: 27 May
From 9am to 2pm

JUNE Edition - Professional Course – Total Hours 75
Course start: 6 June – Course end: 24 June
From 9am to 2pm

JULY Edition - Professional Course – Total Hours 75
Course start: 4 July – Course end: 22 July
From 9am to 2pm

SEPTEMBER Edition - Professional Course – Total Hours 75
Course start: 12 September – Course end: 30 September
From 9am to 2pm

OCTOBER Edition - Professional Course – Total Hours 75
Course start: 10 October – Course end: 28 October
From 9am to 2pm

NOVEMBER Edition - Professional Course – Total Hours 75
Course start: 7 November – Course end: 25 November
From 9am to 2pm


Artico School has agreements with a number of nearby hotels and offers support in booking accommodation for anyone arriving from outside Milan. For more information contact Artico staff